The health service industry in Australia is estimated to be AUD 121 billion and research has shown that it is growing at a moderate 4% approximately year after year. There are facilities run by the federal government as well as the respective state governments. The private sector plays its role in good measure too and many of them have multi-location medical centres with general practitioners and diagnostic facilities in each. You and your family may be able to find a Parkwood medical centre or one close to where you live and avail the services.

parkwood medical centre

Multiple Disciplines Under One Roof

The significance of Parkwood medical centre doctors is that one can consult GPs for all forms of ailments. From a mild headache accompanied by fever to skin disorders, you need to be registered with only one clinic and receive the treatment. In fact, there would be medical centres across the city and its suburbs, and even if you were to shift your residence you need not worry about your healthcare providers; there’s one bound to be close to where you live.

Focused Approach to Certain Ailments

While the Parkwood family practice will have a number of doctors providing the general practitioners’ service to the patients, there are some specialities that receive focused attention and treatment. These include diving related conditions. Australia has many water sports facilities and scuba diving is one of the favourite sports. But the activity also is the cause of certain conditions in the divers requiring expert attention to remedy the conditions like disorientation etc. Similarly, those in the aviation sector, like pilots and others who are airborne, are also susceptible to disorders and they have to undergo periodical tests to be certified to be fit enough to continue flying. Parkwood family practice doctors such as Dr. Stewart McQuade are well equipped to carry out these special stress tests and issue the certification.

Corporate Sector can take Benefit

The branches of Parkwood medical centre also provide medical services to the corporate sector. Every business organisation would want its employees to be sound in health and spirits at all levels so that they contribute effectively at their workplace. There are different types of healthcare services these businesses can avail from the medical centres. These include doing a general check up and certifying before a person is employed, conducting tests for particular illnesses like heart, lungs and kidney and diabetes so that if any employee is into drug or alcohol abuse, it can be detected and so on.

Special Services for Women

Yet another feature of a Parkwood medical centre or a local facility relates to their offering a range of healthcare services for their female customers. These can be a mixture of preventative measures as well as ongoing care such as during pregnancy and post natal care. These make the women feel less stressed about their health and carry on their day to day activities with confidence.

Medical centres with specialist doctors in all disciplines are a big boon to the public. If you live in Queensland and nearby areas and have to locate a medical centre, you need to just visit

Parkwood Medical Centre – Specialists Across Many Disciplines

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