The first step to getting the care your senior loved ones need is over – you have finally decided to enroll them into Caulfield aged care facility. At this point, you should start your search for a facility that can meet their needs. It is very important to spend as much time as you need at this stage because you want only the highest quality care for your loved ones. As a newbie, you might have this false presumption that all nursing care homes are the same. But they are not!

How to Create a Shortlist

There are a few things you need to learn when it comes to choosing a facility that provides aged care Caulfield has to offer. One of them is knowing how to create a shortlist with which you can choose from which nursing home to enroll your loved one into. Even your shortlist should already been carefully considered and do not just list down names of aged care facilities you can find in your nearby area.

The first consideration is location. Is it close from where you live? Would it be convenient (or not) for you to drive from home to the Caulfield aged care facility on a regular basis? The next consideration is the type of service given. Will they be able to provide advanced care for the special health and medical concerns of your senior loved one? It is important that they not only provide general health care but can service special health concerns, too.

Is it affordable? The final consideration is also the most practical one – you should be able to afford the Murrumbeena aged care facility you have chosen for your family member. If not, then how would you be able to sustain their living condition?

Visiting the Shortlisted Nursing Homes

Unless you have paid a nursing home a visit, you should not choose it for your loved one. There are some information you can find online about a facility, but paying it a visit will provide you with more information you need for making a decision. In fact, you might even want to bring your senior loved one with you (if they are able to).

This will have several importance: 1) you can speak directly to the staff and officials about your concerns or questions, and 2) you will be able to evaluate the quality of the facility. Make sure to give them a phone call ahead of time to book an appointment. This will ensure that a staff will be available to tour you throughout the facility. In addition, it will also guarantee that an in-charge will be available to speak to you about any concerns you might have. See more at Arcare Aged Care

Apply to the Facility

Once you are satisfied with the above requirements for the facility that offers aged care Malvern has today, you can apply your senior loved one into the facility. You will have to complete a few paperworks and provide some documents to formalize the application process. This can take a few days to a week depending on the processes involved within a given facility. Also, once you are able to comply with the financial requirements for the Caulfield aged care facility, you can move your senior loved one into the nursing home.  For more details, just visit


Newbie Guide to Applying Into a Nursing Care Home

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